The Guilt of Sin Removed

The Guilt of Sin Removed

For all the things I have left undone; for all the times I didn’t give my all; for the moments I have lost my cool as a mother, wife and friend; for the missed opportunities; for the late school pick-ups and forgotten promises; for all my shortcomings and lack of trust. . . . Do you see what grows in my heart and mind? It’s GUILT. Does it grow in yours too? I carry it all too often. It is a worn and heavy backpack that sits on my lap. It calls to me to open it and add another heavy guilt stone. Then I hoist it up on my back and carry it around in agony. Why do I do it?

I looked up the definition of guilt and it is defined as “feeling responsible or regretful for a perceived offense, real or imaginary.” The words that really jumped out at me were “perceived offense.” All too often we allow ourselves to negatively assume how others might have understood our words or actions and guilt looms its ugly head. Don’t we also project that “perceived offense” onto Jesus when we add another stone to our backpacks of guilt?

A few birthdays ago, a dear friend gave me a block of wood with the Greek letters that spell out the word tetelestai. The word means, “It is finished” which is from John 19:30. “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” This wood block sits in a prominent place in our living room as a daily reminder of what Jesus came to earth to do and, more importantly, did.

As we draw close to our Savior daily and walk with him to the cross this Good Friday, be reminded that our walk stops at the foot of the cross. We may have hailed, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” and laid down our cloaks and palm branches in his honor as he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, but on Good Friday, we abandoned him and denied we even knew the man! Our denial didn’t stand in the way of God’s plan. Our transgressions were expected. Our God is timeless and didn’t send his perfect son to just suffer and die for the sins of the past. Jesus atoned for the sins of the past, present, and future.

Now what do I do with my guilt? His death on the cross washed us clean, even our guilt! Before Jesus gave up his spirit, he let us know that our sins, even the guilt of our sin was paid for! So put down your backpacks of burden and live out your life in joy and peace. It is finished!

Father of grace and everlasting love,
Too often we allow guilt to grieve us. Give us the strength to confess our transgressions to you and the wisdom to see with our eyes of faith the freedom you have won for us. Let us live in joy knowing that even the guilt of our sins was forgiven! Thanks be to God for sending Jesus to be our perfection! Amen.

Written by Ali Manning
Teacher at Crown of Life Academy


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