The Chosen Study Guide

The Chosen Study Guide

Episode 1 – I Have Called You By Name


  • Share something that struck you in the first episode. Was there something you didn’t know?  Was there something you want to ask about?  Was there a new way of looking at something that caught your attention?
  • We are introduced to Mary of Magdala, Nicodemus the Pharisee, Matthew the tax collector, and Simon Peter and Andrew the fishermen. Over the next weeks we will look more closely at each of these people.  Was there one with which you related?
  • Read Isaiah 9:1-2. How did spiritual darkness show itself here as Jesus, the Light of the World, was coming?
  • Let’s focus on Mary of Magdala. Read Luke 8:1-3.  Compare and contrast these verses with the portrayal you watched.
  • Mary was a tortured soul. At one point she shouts, “I’m in hell.”  Has the devil ever brought you to such despair?  If you are comfortable, please share.
  • Why is it hard to have faith when we are suffering?
  • Read Isaiah 43:1-3. Walk through these verses slowly.  What is God all saying in these words?
  • Romans 11:2 says, “There is a remnant chosen by grace.” As you consider Isaiah 43:1-3 and the Jesus’ encounter with Mary at the end of this episode, how does that shape your understanding of being “chosen”?
  • Even in the midst of earthly suffering, you can know that you also are chosen by grace. Isaiah 43 are Jesus words to you as well.  Why can you be sure of that?

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