Shout It From the Rooftops

Shout It From the Rooftops

[Jesus said] “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.”
Matthew 10:27

Can you keep a secret?

Often, when people trust us with important information, they don’t want us to tell anyone else. Sharing their secrets would violate their trust. Sharing their secrets might cause harm to them or others.

But what if you knew a secret that could help a lot of people? If you knew the cure for cancer—or this year, the cure for the coronavirus, COVID-19—wouldn’t you want everyone to know about it?

The Bible tells us a secret that can do more than stop a pandemic. It tells us the secret to eternal life. Eternal life comes because of a man named Jesus who was not just a man, but the Son of God. It tells us how Jesus did nothing wrong. He only showed perfect love. He only spoke perfect truth. And yet he was opposed, ridiculed, arrested, put on trial, and killed. But he rose again.

Jesus promises that, when he died an innocent death, he accepted the death penalty that we deserve for our disobedience. Jesus promises that, because he came back from the dead, death will not hold us either. After we die, Jesus will raise us from the dead. And all who know him as their Savior will live with him forever.

It’s no secret. But there are many who want us to act like it is. They tell us to keep it to ourselves. They tell us Jesus isn’t for everyone. But Jesus tells us otherwise. He loved us enough to die for us. He rose from the dead and lives again. He did it for you, for me, for everyone. And he wants everyone to know about it.

That’s why we share these devotions with you. We want you to know what we know. And we want you to share with others the good news you’ve heard. Speak it. Share it. Shout it from the rooftops!

Jesus, living Savior, you let me in on the secret that you came to die and rise again for me. Give me faith to believe it and the courage to share the good news! Amen.

Peace in Jesus,
Pastor John Gensmer

It’s time to be honest. We have in some way or another all thought that life would be easier or better if we just had a little more money. Just today, if you had an extra $1000, what would you do with it? (It’s not easy to start imagining, is it?)

As of writing this, the stock market had sunk 30%. Unemployment rates are rising rapidly. Companies have had to close. And instead of dreaming that there is an extra $1000 coming in, people are dealing with the economic reality of living life with less money than they had yesterday.

As we start, spend a moment to honestly assess how life has financially changed for you from before the coronavirus outbreak to this day. Separate real changes today vs. worries and fears over the future.

Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:6-19

1. What ideas or phrases jump out at you from this passage?
2. Paul talks about godliness with contentment. Describe what that might look like today.
3. What traps and temptations might someone who loves money fall into during today’s economic climate?
4. What in this passage can help when the world tempts us to base our security on money and/or panic at a moment like this?
5. What does Paul say that helps prevent us from centering our self-worth on our job security or financial security/net worth?
6. Contentment comes from gratitude for what you have. Have there been ways in which this time of change has helped you be grateful for things you had been taking for granted?
7. Yesterday you worked at memorizing Matthew 12:32. Do you remember it? Reread it and try saying it from memory again.



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