God’s People Gather to Worship — Midweek Message

God's People Gather to Worship -- Midweek Message

God’s People Gather to Worship

The pandemic has been a blessing in many ways.  One example — It has caused the church to be creative in sharing the gospel and has led our little church to become more aggressive in sharing the Word through livestreaming and social media.

Another blessing I think we have all felt — being forced to separate has led us to appreciate relationships we took for granted.  In the next four weeks’ messages, I want to explore with you the blessings and joy we experience when God’s people gather.  There is just no replacement for it.

One of the things we missed most during the pandemic was being able to worship together. It’s so easy, isn’t it, to take worship for granted? Please watch this one-minute video about the blessings of worship when God’s people gather.

All God’s People Gather to Worship

Psalm 26:8 says, “I love the house where you live, O LORD, the place where your glory dwells.” This is why we gather.

Maybe fear has help build the habit of coming to worship.  Maybe its just become convenient to watch church like a television show from your sofa.  Maybe other concerns in life has brought captured your attention and priority.  These things happen.  But its also likely you have recognized that something is missing when you haven’t gathered for worship.  God loves you.  If you have to confess sin, he forgives you.  The Lord wants nothing more than you to come and gather again in His house.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Gensmer


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