God Puts His Name on His People — Midweek Message

God Puts His Name on His People -- Midweek Message
“They will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them.”Numbers 6:27

God Puts His Name on His People

In the popular Toy Story movies, toys come to life with personalities of their own when humans are not present. The main character, Woody, is a cowboy sheriff doll. When Woody gets anxious, worried, or forgets his identity, he lifts his boot and sees the name “ANDY” scribbled on the underside. It’s the name of his owner. Woody then remembers who he is and his purpose. He finds meaning in his identity.God wanted to put his name on his people. One of the jobs of the priests of ancient Israel was to speak a blessing using God’s name. It was God’s way of putting his name on the people he loved. It was their reminder of their purpose, meaning, and identity.God still puts his name on his people. Many churches close their worship services with the words of this ancient blessing. It’s a reminder that God’s name is on the people he loves.When we hear that blessing, it’s a reminder of who we are. It’s like Woody checking the bottom of his boot and seeing the name “ANDY” scrawled there. With this blessing, God puts his name on his children.When you feel anxious or afraid, remember God’s name is on you. When you forget who you are, remember that God has claimed you. He’s put his name on you. When your sins weigh you down, remember Jesus has washed them away. He’s made you his child, and God loves to bless his children.Prayer:Dear God, thank you for putting your name on me and claiming me as your child. Help me to always find my purpose and identity in the simple fact that you love me. Amen.Peace in Christ,Staff Minister Ben Mahnke


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