Catechism Bible Study Materials – January 07

Our current study of A Walk Through Luther’s Catechism continues today with The Lord’s Supper–The Meaning of “Is.”  Bible study materials may be found by clicking here or visiting our church website and clicking on the on the Bible Study tab. From there, simply click on the box that reads “19 Minutes with Luther” to bring up today’s lesson for this week’s study.  Watch today’s study live on our Facebook page or our Church Website at 4:00pm, or view the recorded video anytime after the live study from our church website on the livestream tab.  The study page is to be used after Pastor’s class as a study on your own.  Or, you are invited to join either the Men’s Fellowship Breakfast and Bible Study on Tuesday mornings at 8:00am or the Women’s Evening Bible Study on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm.

You may purchase a copy of Martin Luther’s Catechism from the church or order it online through Northwestern Publishing House.  The cost is $20.

Bible Study Matiers:

19 Minutes With Luther

Holy Communion 1

Holy Communion 2


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