Bible Study? Why Not?

Bible Study? Why Not?

As a pastor I have heard many reasons why people can not make worship or Bible study. There are illnesses, work, family obligations, events, responsibilities, special hobbies or activities, car troubles, sudden emergencies… “Pastor, here is why I can not…”

I would add one more to this list. Habit. If you are used to attending church once a month and not weekly, it seems easier to have reasons why not to attend two weeks in a row. If you are used to going to church but not Sunday Bible class, it seems easier to have reasons why you could not make Sunday morning a two-hour event.

I would ask that each of us take a moment to take our focus off the reasons and focus more on our attitude toward gathering together in God’s Word. The early church right after Pentecost were to “devoted”. They devoted themselves first of all to growing in sound teaching and the reception of the Lord’s Supper. Secondly, they devoted themselves to their relationship with one another, building one another up and praying for one another.

My prayer is that each of us have that kind of devotion. I pray that because I personally know how easy it is for my own sinful flesh to prioritize other things above my devotion time in God’s Word or my time to fellowship with God’s people. I personally know that the Devil is very eager to give me many reasons why not to study, not to pray, not to spend time with God’s people.

I give thanks that each of us have been fully bought and paid for with the precious blood of Christ so that we have been set free from the guilt of our sins and have been made God’s holy people. God names us collectively as His Church — a people He bonded together to be His forevermore. A people called to help each other while on earth fight the good fight of faith until we all join the Church Triumphant in heaven.

Flowing out of that beautiful title “Church”, I find many reasons not to give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing. Here are just some of them:

  1. Every week the cross of Christ is proclaimed to re-anchor my faith in the reality of my new and eternal relationship with God in his grace.
  2. Every week I can attend Bible study where I can meet people and talk about spiritual topics out loud with the lead of our pastor.
  3. Every week I can learn what others need me to pray for and I can share my own prayers with them.
  4. Every week I can meet a new face or renew bonds with my brothers and sisters.
  5. Every week I can encourage others and I can receive encouragement.
  6. Every week others are hoping to see me there.
  7. Every week I can give God the glory he deserves.

This list certainly could grow if I took more time. What it points out to me is that our time together as God’s Church is certainly not wasted time or time that would have been spent better elsewhere.

So for the next month why not come every week? Why not begin coming to Bible study?

Peace in Jesus,
Pastor John Gensmer


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