Bible Study: What is Enough?

Bible Study: What is Enough?

Enough for Now — Unpacking God’s Sufficiency*
LESSON 1 – What is Enough?


Our family enjoys thrifting.  It is amazing to see what people donate.  We firmly believe that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.  We love treasure hunting and showing one another what we find.

On the other hand, we often load our trunk with all sorts of items that we have deemed unneeded in our home.  It’s not that these items aren’t nice.  It’s just that its too much… Too many shirts in our drawer… Too many items cluttering our shelves…

What is ironic is how the thrift stores are filled to the brim, how our family regularly must take in all this extra, and yet our hearts are so often filled with a sense of worry, fear, and not having “enough”.

Satan has played this game with mankind since the beginning.  Adam and Eve had all they needed in the Garden, but Satan tempted them to believe they didn’t have enough.

The world tempts us with advertisements of how we need this or can’t be happy without that or deserve more, more, more…

Finally, our sinful flesh has an insatiable hunger toward wanting beyond what God wants us to have or has given us.

Today we begin a study of looking at the sufficiency of how God has cared for us.  I pray this study opens our eyes to blessings, puts a curb on our sinful flesh, and directs our hearts to cuddle into God’s grace and know that His provision is sufficient for us.

We will begin with an exercise.  Think about and then share – in which of these areas do you feel the greatest deficit?

  1. Money
  2. Stuff ( home, car, travel)
  3. Food
  4. Relationships
  5. Time
  6. Self-worth

Scripture:  Luke 12:13-21

  1.  From a worldly point of view, in some ways the man in this parable could seem deserving some praise.  How so?
  2. When does the rich man think he will be happy (or merry)?
  3.  How does Jesus surprise us in this parable?
  4. Put in your own words what Jesus is teaching us in this parable.

Scripture:  Luke 12:22-34

  1.   Put in your own words what Jesus is saying here.
  2. How do we normally react when we feel we do not have enough food or clothing (v. 22)?  How does this relate to the rich man’s reaction in the parable?
  3. Why is this reaction unnecessary?  (v. 30-32)
  4. In what areas of life do you feel you do not have enough?  Ask yourself:  What stirs up anxiety?  What do you think of first in the morning?  What keeps you tossing and turning at night?  What does a friend have that you wish you had?  When you have free time, what do you think about?

Now try to memorize v. 32.  How does that verse comfort those insufficient feelings.


*This study is loosely based on a book/study by Sharla Fritz under the same name and is available at NPH.


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