Bible Study – Enough of Me

Bible Study - Enough of Me

Enough for Now — Unpacking God’s Sufficiency*
Lesson 6 – Enough of Me


I have a little “fixer” in me.  I want to help.  I want to make an impact.  This is what drew me to be a pastor.  First, I wanted to be a doctor, until I fainted at the sight of blood.  Then I knew I wanted to help people spiritually.  I wanted to do great things as a pastor.

The funny thing is the harder I tried to do great things when I first became a pastor, the greater failure I felt.  I couldn’t be all the things I wanted to be.  I couldn’t be the answer to every problem.  I couldn’t mend every hurt.  In short, I couldn’t be the savior of the world around me.  And I felt insufficient and ashamed of myself.

I think a lot of you are “fixers” as well.  How many mothers feel insufficient as a parent when they see their child struggle?  How many husbands feel insufficient when their paychecks can’t pay the bills?

Or maybe you feelings of insufficiency about yourself out more like this person:  “My way of garnering attention has always been through accomplishment.  Maybe you got the spotlight because of your beauty, your talent, or your comic wit.  I had none of those things but was a pretty good student, so I pursued attention through good grades.  I studied my way to becoming valedictorian of my high school class.  Somehow this led me to believe that if I worked hard enough, I could be someone important someday.  So I pushed myself, set goals, achieved advanced degrees, wrote a couple books, volunteered in my community.  But I didn’t feel I had accomplished anything significant.  And I wondered, “Is God disappointed with me?”

What is it that makes you say, “I am not enough”?  Is it looks?  Intelligence?  Popularity?  Success?  Those around you?

Scripture:  Philippians 3:4-9

  1. “Righteousness” has a lot to do with our status.  Righteousness means that God accepts you and approves of you.  What had Paul been using to gain status, acceptance, approval from God?
  2. How did he now view all those things he had been doing? Why?
  3. Your righteousness (status, approval, acceptance) before God is by grace alone.  Because of Christ Jesus, God says that there is nothing you can do that can make God love and approve of you less.  There is also nothing that you can do that can make God love and approve of you more.  How does that impact your thoughts and feelings of insufficiency?
  4.   What negative voices in the world do you give too much power instead of living in your status by faith in Christ?  How can you find daily assurance of your righteous, approved status?

Scripture:  Mark 9:33-37

  1. The disciples were arguing about who was greatest.  What evidence do you think each disciple was pulling out to make their case?
  2. We are enough, not when we are doing extra-ordinary things.  We are all God wants us to be when we are doing the daily, ordinary things of our lives.  How does Jesus show that?  How can you let go of trying to be extra-ordinary and joyful serve in your ordinary life?




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